Paradise tour in the Balkans

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8 Nights 9 Days
Slovenia / Ljubljana
Podgorica / Montenegro
Min Age : 10

Tour Information

Day 1:Ljubljana - Bled

………. Meeting in front of the Airport International Departures Terminal Let’s Balkan Counter at ……. Following the ticket, baggage and passport transactions, …… of the Airlines ……. Departure to Ljubljana at ……. Approx…. Arrival to Ljubljana, one of the quietest cities in the world, at ……. hour after the journey. Departure for our panoramic city tour after passport, luggage and customs procedures. Vodnik Square, Ljubljana Castle, St. Nikolaja Cathedral, Zmajska Most, old square, historical fountain and public square, old castle are some of the places we will see. Free time at the end of our tour. After the free time, we will meet at the agreed time and then move to Bled lake, which is the only lake in the region with a small island in the middle of the Alpine Mountains, and we will get to know the town established by the lake on foot. Afterwards, you will go to Bled Castle, which is uniquely beautiful, and the opportunity to see the whole view of the town. The Bled region will be an inevitable opportunity for photography enthusiasts. Then you can examine our photos in the lakeside cafes or spend time enjoying the natural beauty of Bled. At the end of the tour, transfer to Ljubljana and our hotel. Dinner and Accommodation at our hotel. Accommodation Ljubljana.

Day 2:Ljubljana - Zagreb

Check-out after breakfast at our hotel, wake up in the morning at the agreed time at the hotel, breakfast and check-in with our guide after the rooms are evacuated. Arrival to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, after a journey of about 2 hours. 19th century architecture and cultural features Zagreb, which is much more beautiful than your expectations with its historical features and natural beauties, is also famous for its fun life. The most important places to see in Zagreb are in the Upper City (Kaptol) region with its medieval features. During our tour on the streets of the city center up and down in the enchanting beautiful Zagreb, we will first visit the Mirogoj Park Cemetery and its statues, Zagreb Cathedral, Dolac Market, Zagreb’s symbol St Mark Church, Lotrseak Tower, St Catherine Church. At the Stone Door, our guests can light candles for their wishes. It is announced only in Zagreb at noon with a ball thrown from the Lotrscak hill. We will visit Maksimir, the most famous park in Zagreb, which is famous for its many beautiful parks in the shape of a horseshoe, and also Europe’s oldest park. Archeology Museum, National Museum, government buildings are some of the important places we will see. After the tour, transfer to dinner. Then transfer to our hotel and accommodation. Accommodation Zagreb.

Day 3: Zagreb - Lake Plitvicka

After breakfast at our hotel, Check-Out, at the agreed time at the hotel.After waking up in the morning, breakfast and evacuation of the rooms, we move to Plitvice National Park with our guide. On our walking tour, we will see more than one Unesco world conservation list. Our lunch will be in the form of Lunch Box. After our tour, which lasts approximately 3-4 hours, we get into our vehicle at the meeting point and we move to our hotel for accommodation and dinner. Accommodation Seliste.

Day 4:Seliste - Bihac

After breakfast at our hotel, check-out, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, and then a pleasant 1-hour journey with our guide, our first stop is the Ottoman Castle Ostrožac Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. Kapetanova Kula, which dates back to the 1205s, and the Ottoman Mosque Fethıja Mosque, an old Catholic Church built in 1266, are among the places to see. We see the Strbacki buk waterfall, our guests can join our Rafting tour if they wish. After free time, hotel transfer for dinner and accommodation. Accommodation Bihaç.

Day 5:Bihac - Jajce - Sarajevo

After breakfast in our hotel, Check-Out, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, and then our first stop on our 3-hour journey with our guide is Jajce, the Bosnian kingdom city, which was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, via Bosanski Petrovac. Among the places we will visit in the city of Egg); Pliva waterfall, one of the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Jajce castle, St. Mary’s Church, Ethnography Museum, Travnik Gate, St Luke’s bell tower, Bear tower, CataCombs (Catacombs), Underground Church, Esma Sultan Mosque, Mithraeum Temple. After our tour, we will cruise to Plivska Lake, which is about 15 minutes away.After lunch we will have here, we can see the Paradise spots of Plivisko lake more closely and a 1-hour boat trip with our tea and coffee offerings.After our boat trip, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, which lasts about 3 hours. arrival.

Day 6:Sarajevo

After breakfast in our hotel, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, and then moving to Vrelo Bosna park, a natural park, and then to the War Tunnel.First we go to the source of the Bosnian river, namely Vrelo Bosna Park. We gather in the determined area and visit the War Tunnel that changed the fate of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We visit the Tunnel Museum and watch the Tunnel Video. Then we move towards the city center of Başçarşı with professional guides and a city tour starts with our guide in Başçarşı. The city tour continues with a visit to the White Bastion and the tomb of Alija Izzetbegovic, the first President of the state, then walk downhill to visit the Mosques, Michael and Gabriel Orthodox Church, Synagogue and Churches and the 1001 pearl of the city to Bascarsije Bascarsija, a legacy of the Ottoman Empire to Bosnia. Among the places we will see; Sultan Mosque, Hüsrev Bey Mosque, Cathedral, Bursa Bedesten, Orthodox Church and Synagogue, the area where the market massacre took place, Tito Fire, Bedesten, Fatih Hünkar Mosque, Horse Square. Free time to visit the Latin Bridge, the bridge where the Austrian-Hungarian Crown Prince Ferdinand and his wife Sofia, who were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, lost their lives and passed the incident that caused World War I. We go to the Ramo Biber summit, where we can see Sarajevo from a bird’s eye view, by cable car. Then we go down to the city and move towards our restaurant where the dinner (Bosnian Night) will be organized and proceed to the hotel at the determined time. Accommodation Sarajevo.

Day 7:Sarajevo - Konjic - Jablanica - Mostar - Trebinje

After breakfast at our hotel, Check-Out, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, and then we move to the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina with our guide. Our first stop is on the Neretva river, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, which extends to the Adriatic Sea. In the 19th century, we visit the historical Konjıc bridge built by Mehmet IV, the Ottoman sultan. While our journey continues amid the scents of lamb, we take a tea & coffee break and without wasting any time, the iron train bridge demolished by Tito in 1945 and Josip Bronze Tito’s 2. .Visit the city of Jablanica, where he gained the rank of Marshal by defending a strategic region during the World War. Now, a journey of about 1 hour awaits us and during this process, our guide will find you in the history with important narratives of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and when you open your eyes, the historical Pocitelj (Turkish Village) What are we going to arrive here. We will have visits to İbrahim Pasha Mosque, Hamam, Castle, Caravanserai and after a Turkish tea offer, we will visit the Alperenler Dervish Lodge, which has stood upright since the 15th century. We have a famous red-scaled trout feast for lunch here. After a short trip, the expected time comes and the historical Mostar bridge appears on the back terrace of the Koski Mehmet Pasha Mosque. We complete our Mostar tour by visiting the Karagöz Bey Mosque, Koski Mehmet Pasha Mosque, the War Museum and the Mostar Bridge, and then we get free time for shopping. After gathering in the area, we are moving to our restaurant and moving towards our hotel close to the Montenegro border, which takes about 2 hours at the specified time. We take our dinner at the hotel. Accommodation in Trebinje.

Day 8:Trebinje - Dubrovnik - Kotor - Budva

Check-out after breakfast taken in our hotel very early in the morning, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, moving to our vehicle and then moving to Dubrovnik Old City (Stari Grad), which is a medieval city of Croatia, which smells of history, after a 1-hour journey with our guide. Our list of places to visit includes the Great Onofrio Fountain, the Franciscan Monastery, the Bell Tower, the Orlando Column, the Rector’s Palace, the Ploce Gate, the Pile Gate. We visit St Blaise Church, Cathedral, Ethnography Museum, Cultural History Museum, Old Port, Minceta Fort, Prijeko Street, City Hall, Marin Drzic Theater. After completing our customs procedures at the Montenegrin border, which takes about 1 hour, the world has become one with Kosovo. In Montenegro, which is one of the two youngest states in the world, our first stop is Kotor, which is an important historical and natural paradise and a touristic attraction center. Here, you will get to know this charming town on a walking tour in Stari Grad (Old Town-Castle). After a wonderful lunch in Kotor (Optional) we will visit places; Sveti Tripon Cathedral, Sveti Luke Cathedral, Sveti Mother Church, The Healing Virgin Mary Church, Kotor Palace, Napoleon Theater, St Nicolas Cathedral, Naval Museum and Kotor Bay. After our trip, Fish feast in Budva Harbor and full day free time for you to enjoy Budva to the full. Later, Transfer to Hotel. Accommodation Budva.

Day 9:Budva - St. Stefan - Virpazar - Podgorica

Check-Out after breakfast in our hotel, at the agreed time at the hotel, after waking up in the morning, breakfast and evacuation of the rooms, together with our guide, the expropriation of an island that was a residential area of ​​fishermen at the time and then being sold to a wealthy Singaporean businessman, today it is in the process of gaining tourism Morning coffee break at a spot where you can see the magnificent St Stefan from above, then visit Skadar, the largest lake in southern Europe, which is the border lake of Montenegro with Albania. between places; Montenegro Alkadras Prison, Lesendro Castle, Besac Castle. After finishing our stay, move to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Transfer to Podgorica airport. Return …… after ticket, baggage and passport procedures.

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The Yugoslav passport was the most powerful passport in the world at one point, had the most visa free access to countries. People with the passport were able to go to capitalist countries and communist countries.