As Lets Balkan, We divide the needs of our business partners into three categories; satisfaction of the institution,branding of the organization, increasing the motivation and efficiency.

From product launches to roadshows, ground-breaking organizations to indoor-outdoor training meetings, from dealer talks to motivation organizations and opening events; we are here to create added value in all our business partners branding moments.Our aim is to help our business partners and the brands we work with out of the boundaries through the activities we organize with an innovative perspective.


For us each success means a new experience. By understanding the need of the customer perfectly,we use our abilty to offer special concepts and solutions to each customer by giving attention to the details regarding this need.Producing uniqe solutions in the projects we develop in line with the strategic needs of our business partners. Contributing to their branding is only a small part of the excitement we feel for our business.

What we do ?

Corporate events

Training meetings

Motivation meetings

Product launches

Celebration ceremonies

Social responsibility projects

Dealer meetings

Celebrations and party organizations

Roadshow organizations

Press conferences

End of year meetings

Regional meeting organizations

Exhibition stand design, installation and general services

Motivation trips

State and protocol organizations


INCENTIVE/ Outgoing and Incoming

One of the most effective ways of activating the energy of an organization and increasing the synergy between employees is through motivation programs. In order to increase the efficiency of our business partners and the communication among our employees, we design projects that are specific to corporate identity and dynamics. Thanks to themed motivational trips, which are enriched by the creative activities we organize at different points of the Balkans, we design appropriate environments where the synergy between the employees and the individual can use all the potential in the most efficient way.


What we do ?

Dealer meetings

End of term meetings

Regional meeting organizations

Congress participation

Incentive trips

Match tours

Exhibition stand design, installation and general services

Commercial delegation trips

Motivation trips

Cultural tours

School trips

State and protocol organizations

Individual services (accommodation + transfer)



Branding is one of the most indispensable values ​​for today’s companies. The ability to stand out from thousands of brands is another quality. We see all kinds of organization activities within this scope as a long-term investment made by the companies themselves. In all our projects, we aim to design sustainable communication concepts that will serve the needs of the brands we work with and to implement these concepts with creative and effective applications.


What we do ?

Social and artistic events

Specially designed invitations

VIP events

General or personalized gifts, surprises or similar services and services for participants Show design and applications

Cultural events

Stage activities

Factory opening organizations

Groundbreaking organizations

Road show events