Transfer and Rent a Car

Let’s Balkan Transfer and Rent a Car focus on providing safe and quality service to our travelers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans. Therefore, we have developed various internal procedures that ensure the quality of each individual transfer and rental.



Our vehicles are new models and are regularly maintained at authorized services.

-Our vehicles have all the necessary equipment (first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare tire etc.)

– Our vehicles, including passenger insurance, are covered by automobile insurance and insurance.

-Our vehicles always have the right tires of the best brands according to the climate.

-Our vehicles are tracked by GPS devices.

Quality policy

As stated in our contract, we want you to know that our drivers are physically and mentally prepared for the ride.

Before each trip, our team drivers are checked by various exams.

– Drivers carry our passengers on the condition that they do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before driving or while driving.

– If tired or unwilling drivers refuse to drive, we replace them with another driver without any sanctions.

Our Drivers

-All our drivers have experience in passenger transfers.

-All our drivers are experts who can speak English, Bosnian and Turkish.

Internal procedures ensure that our drivers are always clean, tidy and polite,

Our drivers are obliged to always respect all the rules on the road while driving.

Rent a Car

– Although our vehicles are New Models, we take care that they are constantly serviced and clean.

– We certainly do not provide service to our guests without Full Insurance and Insurance in our vehicles.

– Wherever you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans, we provide 24/7 service to solve vehicle problems that arise due to any problem.

Affordable Car Rental

Renting a car in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sector that confronts customers with more privileged and advanced options every year. You too, get to the experience of Let’s Balkan Rent a Car corporation to rent a car and enjoy enhanced travel pleasure.

Promising advanced options in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans, tourism carried the car rental sector to a good level.

How would you like to work with a more corporate structure for your car rental transactions in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Let’s Balkan Rent a Car offers you the quality you are looking for. Experience a unique rent a car experience with service in 3 Balkan countries, 24/7 call center and more than 30 vehicle types.

Special privileges for special preferences: Luxury Car Rental

If you prefer high standards in car rental, the premium rental option is for you! Highly comfortable car options provide you with more special opportunities with your choice of luxury car rental. Come to Let’s Balkan Rent a Car for a better quality and safer driving experience with upper segment vehicles and experience a comfortable travel series.

Whether you want to make a reservation or come directly to our office!

In addition to the cities most visited by tourists in Balkan countries such as Sarajevo, Belgrade, Podgorica and Dubrovnik, we offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in many cities of the Balkans. Immediately after your flight travels, you can pick up the vehicle you have selected within the scope of the car rental service at the airport and continue your journey with pleasure.

We promise to complete your car rental request within 5 minutes. All you have to do is have a valid ID card, Passport and driver’s license.

We oversee all aspects of our work: booking, timing, passenger pick-up, driving, vehicle maintenance, driver training and behavior, passenger satisfaction.