2022 Balkan Tour

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8 Nights 9 Days
Serbia / Belgrade
Pristina / Kosovo
Min Age : 11

Tour Information

Day 1: Belgrade

Meeting in front of Let’s Balkan counter of ……. Airport international terminal. Arrive at Belgrade at… after about …. hour of plane travel with the flight numbered… from ….. to Belgrade at…. Professional Let’s Balkan guides welcome you and have lunch at a local restaurant before starting our Belgrade city tour.During our panoramic city tour Castle Square, Military Museum, Istanbul Gate, Clock Tower, Damat Ali Pasha Tomb, Zindan Gate, Leopoldov Gate, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Fountain, Stefan Lazeric Monument, Nebojsa Tower, Saborna Church, Nikola Tesla Museum, Saint Sava Cathedral, Belgrade National Theater, Beli Dvor, Bayraklı Mosque, Cumhuriyet Square, Libra Square, and stone Square are among the places to see. After our tour, transfer to our hotel and settling in the rooms. Our dinner will be arranged as a Serbian night at a local restaurant. Hotel transfer after the end of the night. Accommodation Belgrade.

Day 2:Belgrade - Sabac - Zvornik - Sarajevo

After breakfast at our hotel, Check-Out, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, evacuating the rooms, and after a 6-hour journey with our guide via Sabac, arrive in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, via Zvornik, the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city tour starts with the movement and our guide in Başçarşı with his narrations. The city tour continues with a visit to the White Bastion and the tomb of Alija Izzetbegovic, the first President of the state, then walk downhill to visit the mosques, the Synagogue and Churches and the 1001 pearl of the city, to Bascarsije (Bascarsija, Sultan Mosque, Husrev), a legacy of the Ottoman Empire. Bey Mosque), Cathedral, Orthodox Church and Synagogue, the area where the market massacre took place, Tito fire, Bedesten, Fatih Hünkar Mosque, Horse square. Free time to visit the Latin Bridge, the bridge where the Crown Prince of Hungary Ferdinand and his wife Sofia passed away and the event that caused the 1st World War, and free time.After free time, we gathered in the designated area and moved to our restaurant where dinner (Bosnian meatballs) will be eaten. At the hour we are moving towards the hotel. Accommodation Sarajevo.

Day 3:Sarajevo - Konjic - Jablanica - Mostar - Trebinje

After breakfast at our hotel, Check-Out, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, and then we move to the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina with our guide. Our first stop is on the Neretva river, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, which extends to the Adriatic Sea. In the 19th century, we visit the historical Konjıc bridge built by Mehmet IV, the Ottoman sultan. While our journey continues amid the scents of lamb, we take a tea & coffee break and without wasting any time, the iron train bridge demolished by Tito in 1945 and Josip Bronze Tito’s 2. .Visit the city of Jablanica, where he gained the rank of Marshal by defending a strategic region during the World War. Now, a journey of about 1 hour awaits us and during this process, our guide will find you in the history with important narratives of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and when you open your eyes, the historical Pocitelj (Turkish Village) What are we going to arrive here. We will have visits to İbrahim Pasha Mosque, Hamam, Castle, Caravanserai and after a Turkish tea offer, we will visit the Alperenler Dervish Lodge, which has stood upright since the 15th century. We have a famous red-scaled trout feast for lunch here. After a short trip, the expected time comes and the historical Mostar bridge appears on the back terrace of the Koski Mehmet Pasha Mosque. We complete our Mostar tour by visiting the Karagöz Bey Mosque, Koski Mehmet Pasha Mosque, the War Museum and the Mostar Bridge, and then we get free time for shopping. After gathering in the area, we are moving to our restaurant and moving towards our hotel close to the Montenegro border, which takes about 2 hours at the specified time. We take our dinner at the hotel. Accommodation in Trebinje.

Day 4:Trebinje - Kotor - Budva

After breakfast at our hotel, Check-Out, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, and then we move to Montenegro.Our first stop is in Montenegro, one of the two youngest states in the world together with Kosovo, which is an important historical and nature paradise and a touristic attraction center. Kotor. Here, in Stari Grad (Old Town-Castle), you will discover this charming town on a walking tour.After a great lunch in Kotor, we will visit places; Sveti Tripon Cathedral, Sveti Luke Cathedral, Sveti Mother Church, Church of Our Lady of Healing, Kotor Palace. Napoleon Theater, St Nicolas Cathedral, Naval Museum and Kotor Bay. After finishing our trip, free time is given and we gather in the designated area and move towards our bus. Then our next stop will be Perast. After visiting this charming town in the bay of Kotor, we will visit the Church Museum, known as Kayaların Hanım, by boat. After that, we start our 1-hour Budva journey with our buses. After arrival, we will visit Stari Grad (old city center) and the castle on our walking tour. followed by a Fish Feast at Budva Harbor (Optional) and then a full day of free time to enjoy Budva to the full. Then, stop at a panoramic spot where you can see the magnificent St Stefan, which is currently in the process of being brought into tourism with restoration works, with the expropriation of an island that was once a residential area for fishermen and then sold to a wealthy Singaporean businessman (Optional). Then transfer to our hotel. Accommodation Budva.

Day 5:Budva - Skhoder - Tirana - Ohrid

Check-Out after breakfast in our hotel, at the agreed time at the hotel After waking up in the morning, breakfast and evacuation of the rooms, we crossed the Albanian border gate with our guide through Podgorica for about 2 hours, and then to Shkodra, one of the oldest settlements in Albania. During our walking tour, there are historical Rozafa castle, Fatih Sultan Mosque, Ottoman prison, Dilaver Pasha house, Buşatlı Mehmet Pasha tower, Idromeno Street. . Subsequently, our city tour begins. In our Tirana city tour, which is considered the center of Bektashism in Europe, Ethem Bey Mosque, which was started to be built in 1789 and completed in 1923, İskender Square, Kaplan Pasha Tomb built at the beginning of the 19th century, Eight Column Tomb, Unknown Partisans Monument, Ethem Bey in 1821. The clock tower, built by the city, and the Peace Bell made by melting the bullets fired during the riot in 1999, are among the places to see. Then, after a pleasant 4-hour journey through Elbasan, we arrive at the Macedonian border gate.After completing the customs procedures, after about half an hour journey to the historical lake city of Ohrid. Arrival at. Our dinner will be served to you as traditional Macedonian food accompanied by live music. Accommodation Ohrid.

Day 6:Ohrid - St. Naum - Resne - Monastery

After breakfast in our hotel early in the morning, meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel and departure for the buses. We arrive at Naum. Here, one of the most important saints of the region, St. We visit Naum Monastery and Sarı Saltuk Tomb. The magnificent view here will take your breath away.After our pleasant journey here, we visit the house of Niyazi Bey from Resne over the Demir fortress, after a 1-hour journey, we arrive at the city of Manastir (Bitola) and during our trip; We visit the mosque, the New Mosque, the Haydar Kadi Mosque and the Ataturk Museum at the Military High School, where Ataturk graduated, then transfer to our hotel in Ohrid. Dinner and accommodation at our hotel. Accommodation in Ohrid.

Day 7:Ohrid - Tetovo - Skopje

After breakfast in our hotel, we will go to the city that Macedonians call Tetova, known as Tetovo in our history, after Check-Out, evacuation of the rooms and meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, departure for the bus and then a 4-hour journey with our guide. Madrasah, 500-year-old Harabati Baba Bektashi lodge built on the Silk Road is among the places to see. Then, after a short free time for our lunch and a 1-hour journey without wasting any time, we will arrive in Macedonia’s capital Skopje. We pause our bus in the old castle area and start our tour. During our tour, the bazaar, which has been the center of the commercial activities of the city throughout history and has not lost its importance today, the Davut Pasha Complex, Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Sultan Murat Mosque, Isa Bey Mosque, Double Bath Sulu Han, Kapan Han, Kurşunlu Han, Clock Tower, Macedonia Square, old and new train stations, government building, parliament, 17. Century St Spas Church, Great Alexander statue, Nun Terasa monument, Nun Terasa’s house are among the places to see. Free time after the end of our tour and then departure to the bus at the specified time, and transfer with our guide to our hotel for dinner and accommodation. Accommodation Skopje.

Day 8:Skopje - Prizren - Pristina

After breakfast in our hotel, we arrive at Kosovo customs after Check-Out, evacuation of the rooms and meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, departure for the bus and then a 1-hour journey with our guide. Arrival to Prizren after a short journey after completing our customs procedures. During the city tour we will do in Prizren, the other important center of Kosovo, where many Ottoman works are located, Halveti Tekke, Gazi Mehmet Pasha Bath, Ottoman cemetery, Sinan Pasha Mosque, one of the most beautiful examples of period architecture, the Serbian neighborhood where you can still see the destructive effects of the war, and The places we will see the City Castle. After a short free time, gathering in the designated area and moving to our buses. Arrival to the capital city of Kosovo, Pristina, after about a 1-hour journey. During our panoramic Pristina tour, the Clock Tower from the 19th century, the Kosovo Museum, the 15th of the Ottomans. The Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han Complex, Yaşar Pasha Mosque and the tomb of the Ottoman Sultan Murad Hüdavendigar, who was killed here after the 1389 Battle of Kosovo, are among the places we will visit. Hotel transfer afterwards. Accommodation Pristina.

Day 9:Pristina

Check-out after breakfast in our hotel, unloading of the rooms and meeting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel, departure to the bus and then transfer to the Pristina Adem Jashari airport with our guide. After the ticket, luggage and passport procedures, with the …. Airlines flight numbered Evening … Departure to ……..at…. After a journey of about 1 hour, we arrive in ……. and the end of our tour.

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A statue of former U.S. President Bill Clinton stands on a street that also bears his name in Pristina, the capital. Clinton helped end the conflict in the late 1990s, and former President George W. Bush, who also has a street named for him in the capital, recognized Kosovo’s independence in 2008.